Sunday, May 31, 2009

Me? A Blog?

Well, here goes. One of the last hold-outs to blogging, your friendly neighborhood luddite. I never completely understood blogging - and was more than a little intimidated by the idea. Then, a year ago, I started an Etsy shop to sell jewelry, and spoke with people about how they share their craft, market their business, interact with other artists and designers on Etsy and elsewhere. Suddenly I was plunged into the world of social networking sites and blogging. I'm hooked.

Suddenly my little jewelry business wasn't so little - word began to spread locally and online and now the business I started on a whim - Shining Stones - is taking off. So I thought maybe its time for a blog. Even if its only a place for me to think out loud for a bit, that's okay (sometimes I'm the only adult I get to talk to for long stretches of time...).

I get it now - why its fun. I love the crafting world - sharing ideas, commiserating about the hard parts, the trials and tribulations of selling something that is so personal, and communing with other crafters and mothers who understand.

So now I've done it - I'm taking the plunge. Splash.