Sunday, October 4, 2009

Budding Entrepreneurs

Greta and her friend Mary were playing waitress this morning. The game got old after about ten minutes, and they came bounding down the stairs asking if they could start a real restaurant. I could hear them in the next room coming up with a name, and after a few minutes of discussion The Hungry Cap was born:

Of course, any good restaurant needs a menu:

Turns out we were out of waffles, pancakes, ice cream sandwiches and didn't have the supplies for the Make Your Own Sundae idea. And the salad was too complicated. So it became a sandwiches, soup and apple type of establishment.

Thirsty? No problem. The Drinks Menu:

Upon further inquiry, the figure at the bottom is winking, not drunk on lemonade.

I made them a plate of sandwiches and a few bowls of soup, and they set it all up on the back porch:

They felt it was too self-serving to keep all the profits for themselves, so they decided all the proceeds from the Hungry Cap would go to the poor, and set up a bucket for donations:

Now for advertising. They made a sign for the front yard, and on Mary's suggestion, made it is as "dramatic" as they could, so people would feel compelled to come:

It reads: "Hungry Cap! Restaurant out back that way! And we're not kidding it's true! Help save money for the poor and we mean it! Now! Please help, please, we're just seven please we're begging you!"

They taped the sign to a tee-ball post, put it out by the end of the driveway, and waited for the masses. I had the pleasure of being their first customer. I was treated to a salami and cheese sandwich, fresh water, an apple, and live entertainment in the form of a skit, stand up comedy ("why did the cookie go to the doctor? because he was feeling crumby!") and Irish dancing.

A restaurant with a social conscience - what could be better?


  1. That's so cute! The kids do have an entrepreneurial spirit!

  2. Funny! I drove by your house today and saw a sign taped up to the end of the driveway. . . thought you might be having a yard sale but this is much better! They are so cute and I love their menus and signs!

  3. Fantastic children! And the little blonde is so adorable!

  4. Are all the families in Massachusetts so freaking adorable? :)

  5. Is there anything more fun than a 7-year-old with an idea? (Well, yes, I suppose. A pair of 7-year-olds with an idea!)

  6. So adorable! I love it!

    I keep those signs (well a small fraction) so when I'm in a rocker too stiff to move and I can relive those days.

  7. Adorable. And those kids can spel prety gud!

  8. I like that there is no "drive thrw". In case you were planning to drive your car back there.

    I hope they know that food costs are skyrocketing right now and most restaurants fail within the first 4 years. They are generally not a good investment. Unless they can sell franchises. I'll see if my kids are interested. *wink*

  9. Perhaps what they really need is a Maitre D' - I'm sure Ren could strongarm some customers to the back yard... ;)

  10. This is the cutest thing I have seen in awhile. I am dealing with a surly 20 year old trying to find his wings amid towed cars and bounced checks. This sent me back to those sweet days of enthusiasm and simple fun. Now I can face his tangled mess again with a smile!!!

  11. I love the writing...even if you don't save the signs it is such a precious remembrance of a time that disappears all too quickly! Since moving out of Paris we have rediscovered so much 'youth' since living in the country...bugs, rocks, nature...the giddiness I see in those girls faces is what I feel sometimes now :)