Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thank You

Thank you to everyone for all the support. Steve and I are really pleased with the show, and are grateful to have been a part of it. I have been following the discussion threads on today, and there are women coming forward and talking about their drinking; this is such an important first step.

I really appreciate all your comments - thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm looking forward to settling back in to our little routine here, and moving ahead one day at a time.



  1. Hi Ellie - we actually worked together a few years ago in Boston (I was an Administrative Assistant to a Recruiter who worked down the hall from your office). I was really surprised to hear about your appearance on Oprah and the addiction you've battled. I wanted to let you know that I think you're incredibly brave for coming forward with your story in such a public forum. I'm certain your story is one that will inspire other people to seek help and find comfort in the knowledge that you were able to get well. I'm a Stay at Home Mom now, too, and can relate to the challenges and guilt that come along with day to day life. I just wanted you to know that your story touched me....and also, your jewelery is beautiful!

  2. Wow! Hi! Thanks for your message and kind words of suppot (of course now I'm racking my brain trying to figure out who you are!)

    If you want to email me I'm at

    Thanks so much,


  3. Hi Ellie! I just finished watching Oprah & I must say, you were so amazing! I think it is so courageous for you to go on national television like that and to speak about something so personal. I myself am not an alcoholic but many years ago I dated a man who was. It was very hard. I felt myself able to connect to what Steve was saying.

  4. hi ellie. i'm new to your blog and i just saw on my dvr the oprah winfrey show about you and your battle / recovery from alcoholism. i admire you for coming forward and telling your story. i wish you well in your recovery. all the best
    warm regards,