Friday, January 8, 2010

4 Minutes In The Car

Greta, Finn and I are in the car, driving two miles to the post office. The conversation, if you can call it that, goes exactly like this:

Finn: "Momma ate a snail once. Dat's gwoss."

Greta: "That's disgusting. I hope they knocked the slime of it, first."

Finn: "Some people don't have ornaments on their Christmas Tree. Just lights."

Greta: "We read a book today about a giant snowman. It had tree trunks for arms."

Finn: "I don't evah, evah want to hold a lobstah."

Greta: "What is that day in January, Martin Luther King, Jr. day? We have school off that day, because he was really important."

Finn: "I totally hate lobstahs. Cwabs are okay, though."

Greta: "I want to have a holiday named after me when I die. They could call it Funny Greta Day."

Finn: "You know what would be gwoss? Eating your own tongue."

Greta: "Are there any holidays named after girls? There should be."

Finn: "I used to be fwee. Now I'm four. I don't wanna sit in my boostah seat anymore."

Greta: "Is it daytime in China now?"

Finn: "I went to China once. When I was a baby. Nobody saw me."

Greta: "You totally did not go to China. You're lying."

Finn: "I did. Santa took me."

Greta: "I can count to a million now."

Finn: "Spongebob is a kid. But Squidwahd is a gwown up."

Greta: "I can't believe you ate a snail, Mom."

Finn: "I nevah, evah, want to eat a snail."

Greta: "Mom? Are you even listening? Mom?"

Me: "Hmmm? Oh, yes. Sure. Snails."

**and for the record - I ate an escargot. It's totally not disgusting if you say it in french.


  1. Reminds me of that Volvo commercial where the dad puts his little girl in her carseat in the backseat while she's chattering away. He shuts the door, goes around to the open the driver door, and she is still chattering away!

  2. I feel your pain! My kids do not shut up the entire car trip to wherever we happen to be going. It's so exhausting!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this!! It sounds vaguely familiar, although my littlest is still in the single word commentary that comes with being two. I was frazzled this evening when my husband came home from work, and he asked why. I told him that I was just so so exhausted from listening.

  4. Around here, we call that making your ears bleed.

  5. Sad to say, but I've contemplated having a second just so my first would have someone to talk to in the car besides "Mom! Mom! Mom! Don'tyouhearme, Mom? AreyoulisteningMom?" (secretly... I love it...)

  6. When they are teenagers though you'll hear all sorts of good gossip since they'll be so oblivious to you.. thin of it that way.. and garlic in addition to the French accent makes snails yummier..

  7. :::shudder:::
    Maggie was asking me what a calamari was. I told her it was squid. I also told her that if any one ever offered it to her, to politely decline. yuk! I like lobstah and cwabs, but NOT squid.

  8. The escargot may not be disgusting...but your breath after eating the accompanying sauce (buttery, parsley, garlic mopped up with baguette delicious goodness!) certainly WILL BE! To F & G I say only "Bon Appetit" :o)