Friday, March 19, 2010

In Which I Threaten, Beg and Guilt Trip You. Sound Fun?

I started a Fan Page over at Facebook.   But let me be clear:  it's not a Fan page.   I don't have fans.  I wish I could call it a Community Page, because that is what I would love for it to be.  

I love Twitter - but I get all nervous with the whole 140 characters or less thing.    When the character count turns red as I'm typing a Tweet I get all Twanicky.    And, sometimes, it is hard for me to follow.   I'm slow that way.

And communicating via Blog comments just doesn't do it for me.   There are so many vibrant, funny, insightful people who comment here - I always have so much I want to say!   And, I want to get to know you better.   Maybe we can have extremely intellectual conversation dish a little.   Like, can someone explain to me what the deal is with American Idol?  Why it's so compelling?   I've never seen it.  Not once.    Or maybe we can figure out why Keira Knightley annoys me so much?     Or discuss whether or not George Clooney is hot.   Do you think he's hot?   WAIT:  don't comment here.  Join the Fan Page and tell me all your deep thoughts there.

Maybe I'll get a little controversial over there - you know, really get daring.     Talk about really juicy topics I wouldn't talk about here.    Just give me a day or two to spice up my life first...  I'm SURE I can think of something juicy.

And if the above reasons aren't compelling enough to join, do it 'cause you don't want me to drown my sorrows in triple vente lattes or overdose on Everlasting Gobstoppers.    I'll do it, you know.   

Does that work?   Guilt trips and idle threats?   

To join please click on the widget/gadget thingy on the right hand side.    Come introduce yourself.   Because, seriously?   At the moment it says "Zero Friends" and that is more than I can bear.

**UPDATE 9am - Woo Hoo!   9 people!   Come join the fun!

**UPDATE 10am (I promise I won't do this all day):  we're cooking now!   I'm getting to know you better, and I love that.   And so far only one latte and four Gobstoppers.   Not too shabby.

**FINAL UPDATE (jeez, obsess much, Ellie?) - if you become a fan, your Facbook info is still private to others on the page, unless you directly Friend them.   And, of course, they accept.   Which is a source of constant hand wringing for me.


  1. Pimping yourself out FB style...ok, like it already! :) A bientot!

  2. But I can't get on Facebook at work!!!!
    The Fun-nazis put up a firewall for FB, Twitter & Myspace.

  3. Hee hee... I'm the 20th fan. Do I get a prize? I LOVE this idea!

  4. Do you know what is hysterical? (to me....) I almost sent you a friend request on FB last night, but was like "oh... I wonder if she even uses FB... and is that weird???" :)
    Off to become a "fan", and probably send you a friend request ;)

  5. Amanda Zaremba likes this.

    (I'm so corny)

  6. I will "fan" you when I get home. I think you should print bumper sticker that say

    " I fan one crafty mother!"