Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hot Button

I promise this blog won't turn into post after post about jewelry.   But I blog about what I'm thinking about, and at the moment I'm obsessed with making rings out of buttons.   I never thought the day would come when I'm obsessing over buttons, but I guess this constitutes progress.   Of sorts.

Tomorrow I'll get back to regularly scheduled programming, but I can't stop making these, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites:

Kokopelli, anyone?

Giant Sunflower Ring, for the girl who likes to get noticed:

The New Day Ring - a reminder that each sunrise brings a new day, a chance to start fresh:

The Golden Orb Ring - it's amazing what some wire and a simple button can do:

Last, but not least - one of my favorites.  This might be what I give the kids' teachers this year.

Thanks for looking!


  1. UUUUGH!!! You're KILLING me! Now I'm not going to be able to go grocery shopping! My poor more Catholic school, no more new cute summer clothes, no more Cheerios, Momma needs some new jewelry!!

  2. oh! oh! I love the Celtic knot ring and the sunflower ring would be PERFECT for a friend of mine... I might just have to hop over to Etsy and start ordering.

  3. Great idea! My oldest daughter was OBSESSED with my mother in-law's button box when she was little. Hours spent sprawled on the floor picking out her favorites for that day. Hard to believe she just graduated from high school! That would make a nice going to college gift. :)

  4. I bought a roman coin a few years ago, unsure what I wanted to do with it. It has engravings on both sides, so I don't know if a ring would be right, but your work here is so beautiful I wanted to ask you. What would you do with it? Would you be willing to make the jewelry if I sent you the coin? (And paid you, of course.)

  5. Hello Anonymous -

    That coin sounds really interesting, and thanks for asking! I would need to see a picture of it - if you want to send one to I'll take a look at it and tell you if there is anything I can do.