Thursday, November 18, 2010

Huge Sale and Some New Items!

Just taking a couple of minutes  for shameless self promotion to remind everyone that I'm having a big sale for the month of November.   Now is the perfect time to start holiday shopping - I have dozens of items under $20 -- perfect gifts for friends and teachers.   The sale ends November 30th, so order now to take advantage of the huge savings!   I'm not going to give the sale amount here --- you have to subscribe to the newsletter to find out!   Let's just say it is the biggest sale I've ever had during this time of year.....

To participate in the sale, all you have to do is subcribe to my FREE newsletter (please see the widget box in the lower right hand corner of my sidebar).    I only send emails out about every four weeks (unless I have a special announcement, like a sale) and I NEVER share your information with any third parties.

Simply enter in your email and I will forward you the newsletter, where you will find instructions on how to SAVE.   If you've had your eye on something for yourself, or for someone else, now is the perfect time to buy it!

If you are already a newletter subscriber -- check your email!  I just sent out an updated newletter reminding everyone about the sale. 

And now, a few pictures of some new items!  Click on the link below to picture to view the item in my Etsy shop.  Thanks for looking!

Thank you to everyone who supports handmade!! 


  1. they are all gorgeous...I really love those earrings. you inspire me (not that I'm making jewelry right now but I love beauty)

  2. Psssst! There are only 30 days in November, so the sale should probably end on November 30th, since there is no 31st.


  3. Err ... 30 days hath September, April, June and November ... you know the rhyme? Maybe not!! Or did you mean December 31?? Either way, honest mistake. :-)

    Your sale looks awesome. Hope to find lots of items for all the people on my Christmas list!

  4. Oh, that's so funny. I'm so desperate for more time, I'm tacking days onto November that don't exist.

    I'll change the post -- yes, it ends on November 30th. November 31st, I'll rest. :)


  5. The ring of garnet is stunning!

  6. I didn't even know you had a newsletter! I'm so in. And a sale, too? Bonus. Can't wait to start shopping!

  7. The ring of garnet is stunning!

  8. they are all gorgeous...I really love those earrings. you inspire me (not that I'm making jewelry right now but I love beauty)

  9. Ellie I know I've posted on like 5 of your pages in like an hour, but that's what happens when adhd meets waaay too much red bull, especially on payday :) I LOVE your stuff, your blogs, and your spirit :) You've encouraged me since day one, and I'm on day... 105 now :) i even had to stop and think about it lol! Now, time to get to some business of christmas shoppin before I make myself cry... email coming soon!