Thursday, March 3, 2011

Crying Out Now One Year Anniversary Video

I launched Crying Out Now one year ago today.

When I was struggling with alcoholism, I thought I was the only one who felt the way I felt, did the things I did.  When I finally dragged myself into a recovery meeting - broken, scared and alone - and heard someone else tell their story and it was my story, too, I felt comfort and relief for the first time in a very, very long time.

The mission of Crying Out Now is to help other women who are struggling know they aren't alone, and to provide community and support to women in recovery.   It isn't about telling people they need to get sober; some of the women who post there are still wondering about their drinking, or striving to stop.   It isn't about telling anyone how to get or stay sober, either.

Crying Out Now is about one simple thing:   the truth.

Every journey into self-love and freedom begins with the truth.  Addiction is wrapped in shame, and this keeps us from raising our voice, from taking that first and most important step towards healing, because we fear judgment.   We are scared that people won't understand, and so we keep our dark secrets to ourselves.    Shame feeds on silence, and keeps us stuck and alone.

The truth breaks through the silence.   Shame and fear hate the truth.

Over the past year women have come to Crying Out Now and told their truths, shed a light into the darkness and isolation of addiction.   Some of the women posting there told their story for the very first time.   I am awed, humbled and inspired by everyone's courage and grace.

To celebrate Crying Out Now's one year anniversary, I made a video honoring these brave women.   Please help me spread the word about the video, and help give these women the respect and recognition they so deserve.   

To all of you who tweet, facebook and put Crying Out Now on your sidebar:   THANK YOU.    You are helping to reach other women who may be struggling, and for this I am so grateful.

To all the brave, honest and graceful women who told their stories, and to all of you who offer words of encouragement and support in your comments, I offer my heartfelt gratitude. I wish I could share all the emails I get from women who are out there quietly reading, drawing inspiration and hope from your words. You are reaching thousands of people, many of whom will never comment or post, but who are feeling comfort and kinship, sometimes for the first time ever.

And to all the women who are quietly reading along, please keep coming.   If you are struggling, please know you aren't alone.   We are here to offer support, empathy and love. 

This video is dedicated to you:

You can also click here to see the video on YouTube.


  1. That made me really weepy, El.

    Congratulations, on your year one.

  2. Congratulations, Ellie! And Congratulations to all of the women who are talking, thinking, and living as a result of this project!

    The video brought tears to my eyes -- the celebration is so richly deserved!