Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Smart Ass

Finn seems to have an aversion to wearing pants.  And underwear.    Even on the coldest days, it is a common sight to see him streaking through the kitchen, giggling.

Recently, though, he has been unusually modest.    I wake up to find him already dressed for school (something that is usually an epic battle), he's been ordering me out of the bathroom, and getting his jammies on himself without being asked.  I thought he was on a quest for stars (we have a "star board" and award stars for good behavior - each one is worth a quarter and they're saving up to buy a toy), but I should have known something was up.

We've been busy, too, so it has been a little while since he had a bath.   

In other words, I haven't seen him naked in a couple of days.  

Tonight I found him half dressed on the couch, wearing only a shirt, with a blanket wrapped around his midsection. 

"Time for bed, Buddy," I said.  "Let's get your jammies on."

"Okay," he replied.  "But don't look at my butt."

"Why would I look at your butt?  Let's go, it's late."

He pulled his shirt down to his knees and shuffled over to me.    As he bent down to pick up his jammie bottoms, I saw a little flash of green peeking out from under his pulled-down shirt.

"Finn," I said.  "Please turn around."

He gave me a sly grin.  "I don't think I want to," he said. 

"Please turn around, Finn."

He lifted his shirt and turned around, slowly.

Drawn in green marker, with startling clarity, was a bespectacled face with crazy hair and a big grin drawn around puffy, well, cheeks.      As in butt cheeks.

"Do you know who it is?" Finn asked, giggling.

At a loss for when, why and HOW this figure appeared on my son's derriere, I gave up and simply asked, "No.   Who?"

"Albert Einstein!"**

** I cannot tell you how badly I want to post a picture of Albert Einstein drawn on my son's rear end.   Really, the kid's got talent (and world record flexibility, apparently).     But as I laughed and snapped the picture, he said, "Don't you dare put this on your blog, Momma!"  I'm a woman of my word, so your imagination is going to have to suffice.   You're welcome.


  1. Oh my. I am laughing out loud for real. Wow.

  2. awesome. what a great story for later... at least the story is on the blog :D

  3. I am well and truly impressed that he even knows who Albert Einstein is!

  4. LMFAO moments like that make all the pains of motherhood worth it. you have quite a little man there!

  5. AWESOME, my eldest is a naked girl hence why I post so few pics of her....she's always starkers.

  6. How on earth did he do that??? And thank heavens my son doesn't follow your blog!

  7. that is the funniest thing EVER! omg I was rolling. My son loves to draw on himself but I don't think he has ever drawn on his butt!

  8. Hot DAMN but I want to see that picture!

    How much is it worth to Finn, bearing in mind he is saving up for a toy? ;-)

    I love it! LOL (*AND* his instant comment about not posting it!)


    Of course he did! Of course. Who doesn't want to draw A.E. on their booty?

    I cannot tell M and A this, they will surely try it.

  10. That is so awesome. Smart ass in the best possible way :P

  11. OH.MY.GOODNESS! That is hysterical! Yes, I can imagine the urge to post is intense! :)

  12. Finn is hilarious! It's amazing what kids will do :)

  13. That is hilarious!! I laughed out loud at work and almost spit my soda out.