Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Day In My Life, The Movie

I was away all day on Saturday, spending time with a good friend, taking a day off after a long school vacation week.

When I walked in the door late that afternoon the kids were beaming from ear to ear.  

"We made you something, Momma," they smiled.

They ran up to the DVD player, hit play, and settled in on the couch to watch a movie.  A movie they made.  Starring themselves.  About a Day In The Life.  Of me.

I burst out laughing as soon as I saw the first scene, where Greta tries to act exasperated and breaks out in giggles. 

I love it.

The editing is wacky (one scene repeats twice... my apologies; I've tried everything and I can't fix it). And there is something screwy with the last scene, too - there was a better ending but for some reason it won't upload.

But hey - we're not trying to win an Oscar here. 

Greta plays me.   Finn plays, well, himself.   They set out to capture a day in the life of Momma and Finn, and they did a really good job (even down to the detail of fishing through the clean pile of laundry in my laundry room to find Finn clothes in the morning).

It's long-ish - about 13 minutes, I think?   So I totally understand if you don't watch it, or don't watch it all the way through.   But if you've ever wanted a good look at my kitchen, my playroom, my beading studio or my upstairs bathroom, then this is your lucky day.....

Here's the part where I offer an excuse about the cleanliness (or lack thereof) of my house, but I won't.  Let's just say only a husband could have filmed this; I couldn't have resisted the urge to pick up first.  I will say, though, that my jewelry studio is more chaotic than usual - we're storing some furniture we're going to give away, so that explains at least part of the mess.  The rest is just life, warts and all.  

It is what is is, you know?

And so without any further caveats, I bring you A Day In The Life:


  1. The ketchup thing had me cracking up!! :)

  2. "mamamamamama mamama mama mamamama mamamamama"
    "I want some toast" "you already had breakfast you are gonna miss the bus"
    "where is your other shoe?!?"

    Oh. my. gosh- my life?

    This was SO hilarious (but true... le sigh) lol!!!

  3. So funny! I bet they had a blast filming that!

  4. I'm at work so I only dared watch a minute or two but the 'mamamamamamama' and 'I have too many things to do, get it yourself!'. Oh, that is so my life.

  5. I have house envy. Oh, and the kids are cute, too. :)