Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Out From Behind the Curtain

I was awake unusually late last night, after indulging in the frivolity of the finales of Dancing With The Stars and The Biggest Loser, so I happened to see the 11pm news. 

I had heard about the tragedy in Joplin, MO, where tornadoes devastated the community, and my heart ached for them.  Something happens to me, though, when I'm faced with incomprehensible tragedy; a mental curtain comes down and I simply can't process it all.   The photos are staggering - house upon house flattened, over one hundred people dead, hundreds more homeless in the blink of an eye.

Oh, those poor people, I think, and then BAM.  The curtain comes down and my brain shuts down.  It's the luxury of the observer: it's not my community.  My family is safe and warm in their beds. I don't want to think about that anymore.

Last night the newscasters said, with wide eyes, that more tornadoes were crashing through the Midwest, and once again heading for Joplin and much of the surrounding area.  

This time the curtain didn't come down, as I listened to a mother describe how she threw herself over her baby, in the middle of the night, to protect him from flying debris as a tornado raged near her house.  I felt her pain, the unimaginable fear.

I wanted to do something to help, but as usual I thought:  what can I do?  It's all so BIG.  And I'm so far away. 

So I was very grateful to be asked by the amazing women of  Bigger Picture Blogs to donate an item for their auction to raise money to help those in Joplin rebuild their lives.   It seems like such a small gesture, but it's something, and it brings me out from behind my curtain of denial to remember that this tragedy could happen to anyone, and it's important to help.   You don't need to break your bank account; each and every little bit counts.

Bigger Picture Blogs is hosting an auction chock full of beautiful items you can bid on to raise money that will go directly to the Salvation Army and the people on the front lines helping Joplin.   Every hour, today and tomorrow (5/25 and 5/26) a new item will come up for bidding.  My Strength and Hope necklace will go up for bidding tomorrow (5/26) morning, but it is only one of dozens of amazing items to bid on, starting today. You can help a devastated community and get something for yourself, too.  

Please, step out from behind the curtain with me and come help.   Bids start at $10 - only $10!   

Edited to include the list of items to bid on:

Wednesday May 25:

8am Assorted Watercolor Note Cards from Cards Direct ($40 value)

9am Art of Doing Nothing Poster from Tammy Lee Bradley ($28)

10am Gussy Sews Shop Credit ($25)

11am Thai Silk Pillow Covers from Jaime Shaw ($40)

12noon Hand Knit Market Tote from A Soft Landing ($35)

1pm Secret Hope Necklace from Create Beauty Daily ($38)

2pm Busy Body Book Bundle from Busy Body Books ($40)

3pm Handmade Ring Sling from Prairie Mama ($75)

4pm {So} Sack from {So} Sartina ($29)

5pm $100 Sweet Deal Credit from Mamapedia ($100)

6pm Pair of Spring/Summer Shoes from Hotter Comfort Concept Shoes ($100-140)

Thursday May 26:

8am Strength and Hope Necklace from Shining Stones ($20)

9am $25 Stonyfield Organic Product & Cookbook ($43)

10am Fractured Glass Print from Tammy Lee Bradley ($25)

11am DaySpring Collection ($40)

12noon Monster Softie from Samster Mommy ($35)

1pm Vintage Fabric Fat Quarters from Sew Lovely Designs ($20)

2pm Love Print from Beth Fletcher Photography and June Afternoons ($25)

3pm Flutter Sleeve Ruffle Peasant Dress from Smashed Peas and Carrots ($36)

4pm Camera Strap Cover from Eclectic Whatnot ($38.50)

5pm $50 Gift Certificate from The Vintage Pearl ($50)

6pm Logo Design from NW Designs ($100)

7pm Ultimate Fan Pack from Discovery Channel ($200)

Don't see anything you want to bid on? There are other ways to help:

•Donate directly to the Salvation Army
•Spread the word about the auction
•Post our button on your blog, Facebook or Twitter
•Tweet using the hashtag #Help4Joplin

Click on over to Bigger Picture Blogs and help out.  Your generosity is really, really appreciated. 

Thank you.


  1. Thank you for doing this. First, the Salvation Army has been a godsend in the area. Second, the best ways to help right now are monetary donations, and- if you live near the area- blood donations. Last night they were on red alert for O- AND O+! Physical donations are already at capacity, and tanker trucks of water (and mountains of bottled water) are already on the scene.

    I cannot begin to tell you how bad it is down there. I haven't been back (I am following orders, depsite the gut-wrenching drive I have to disobey), but I have been keeping up with family and friends. They are going to need our help for months and months to come.

  2. Oh, Sarah - I'm so sorry for your family and friends. And YES - blood and monetary donations are so important, too.

    They are all in my thoughts and prayers.



  3. Ellie, you so poignantly described how I often feel, too -- hiding behind my curtain. Thanks for these honest, heartfelt words. And for helping this auction become reality.