Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Rules According to Greta

Ah, the world of an 8 year old girl.  Here are the rules if you want entry into her room.  Can you tell she lives with a 5 year old boy?

1) NO eating.
2) NO picking your nose.
3) NO farting.
4) Don't be mean to anyone.
5) You have to like penguins and pie.
6) No parents and boys.
7) No burping.
8) Don't put Finn's BeBe (his saliva-covered blanket) on my bed.
9) No peeing and pooing.
10) No sitting in the little chair.
11) Don't say bad words.
12) If you break three rules you can never come in my room again.
13)  Have Fun!


  1. Oh that is precious! Please tell me you're saving that for a later date :)

  2. "You have to like penguins and pie."

    Right on, Greta. Right on. ;P

  3. oh, i just LOVE "no parents and boys"... that one effectively eliminates everyone else in the household... would probably save some reading if she'da put it first on the list. :0) we actually put a baby gate up in front of my son's room (he's 8 too) to keep the almost-3-year-old out. it was easier. ;)

  4. What a great list of Must-Do’s and yes, the evidence of a brother is loud and clear coming in thru the wires ~!~! I grew up with an older and a younger brother so I can relate to some of what she’s got “rules” about.