Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Giggles and Grace

Greta is nine.


Long gone is our chubby cheeked little baby; she is growing into a young woman, full of giggles and grace.

This is for you, sweetheart.  We love you.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY:

Song is "Whole Wide World, by Mindy Gledhill. Thanks to Heather for introducing me to this song; Greta and I love to sing it into our hairbrushes...


  1. Wow very cool slide show! Love the one of her and the dog just staring at each other. Happy Birthday Greta!

  2. GAH!! J'adore! The one with her and the chicken still makes me immediately smile :D Gratulere Med Dagen Greta (sounds better in Norwegian with her name!) and on to the big double digits!

  3. What an AWESOME video ~ I love it!!
    Happy Birthday Greta!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Greta. And Happy "Birth-Day" to you too Ellie.

    I hope you both know how loved you are. Even by people you have never "met".

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