Sunday, December 4, 2011


In the midst of all the new, scary things that are going on in our family these days, nothing makes me smile like my kids' made up stories.

Finn, in particular, is quite the storyteller these days.  Sometimes he recounts his dreams (most of them involving the Elf on the Shelf lately), sometimes straight from his imagination, and lately he has been making picture book stories ....  they tend to run on the long side, so I've spared you about a ten minute chunk and showed you two short highlights from the beginning and the end of the "Apple Spaceship Story".

Here's Finn:

Now imagine this goes on for about ten minutes longer, before we move into the big finish:

Greta has a new story, too - narrated (in her jammies) here for your viewing pleasure.  A very short tale of jellybeans run amok:

It's the simple things that matter most - simple moments, simple stories, simple smiles. These are the gifts my kids give me, every day.


  1. When my nine year old daughter, Natalie was diagnosed with cancer ten years ago, suddenly everything in life became to simple and basic. It didn't matter if we had a bigger house, better vehicle, etc. Your two beautiful childrens drawings, and stories, bring us back to what really is important in life. Take care. My thoughts are prayers are with you, and you are such an inspiration for sobriety!

  2. Wonderful! And LOVE Greta using "minions." They obviously get great joy in storytelling, and it's no wonder where they get their talents ... you, Ellie, are a master storyteller.
    Lee Ann

  3. They are both wonderful storytellers! I can feel their love and happiness. You and Steve truly are great parents!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing these great little video vignettes of your kids. They are so beautiful, so bright! And isn't storytelling what it's all about? The skills they are developing now - to see and describe the sequence and details, the actions, emotions and meaning of things ... how well these will serve them as they grow and learn to interpret and tell the stories that are real life!

    As lucky as so many are to know you through your work and writing, what lucky kids these are to have you as their mom!

  5. How special are these two!? Such great stories. I loved that they shared them.

  6. How much cuter could they be?
    Loving you

  7. SOOO like their mama in so many ways. My 4-year-old Tommy was just playing his trains while I was watching these and he said "Mama, I think I hear another little boy in our house." I said "Yeah, it's my friend's son, Finn." So he came and watched with me. :-) Thanks for the morning stories....

  8. Pacifism rules but I must admit: the jellybeans have a point.