Sunday, February 12, 2012

What Do Vlogging and Kung-Fu Movies Have in Common? THIS:

I tried to Vlog  (for the one or two not in the know... "Vlogging" is when you Video a Blog.  Hence:  VLOG.

I don't think I'll be vlogging again, but now that it's done I'm too stubborn to back down, and I'm posting it "as is".  The sound doesn't track to how my lips are moving, which gives it an interesting artsy Japanese Kung-Fu  movie effect. I'm just gonna pretend that's exactly what I was going for.  
If it gets too disorienting, you may find it easiest to close your eyes and just listen.  And avoid operating heavy machinery for 2-4 weeks.  Like carpools to the kids' events or vacuum cleaners.  Certainly not those.

Anyway, this is my attempt at a big, giant, in-person THANK YOU for all the support you have given me and my family over the past few months.  You guys ROCK.


Someday soon I hope to be back on track, blogging away (the traditional way) with my usual insatiable enthusiasm. 

Until then, please know you are in my mind and on my heart.  Thank you.



  1. Many thanks for keeping us informed when you have so many other things ... uh, I was going to say on your plate ... well, you know what I mean! ;)
    You did a whole lot better at vlogging than I would have. If it was easier on your physically than typing, then I am glad you tried.

    Just 2 more treatments! that has to feel pretty awesome in spite of how tired your body is. Know that we continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. What a light you are!

  2. Love all over you.
    (Super messy-like.)
    xoxo L

  3. You have such a super strength. Thank you so so much for updating us all, especially when it was so tough on you to do so.

    And now I know you have Monday and Tuesday to go, too, then I will be upholding you on those days as well. And rejoicing when it is over.

    I had a strange kind of half awake dream the other morning. I was telling my friend Ellie the jewellery maker that I really wanted a lovely piece of jewellery made to cheer up a dear friend who was undergoing some gruelling radiotherapy. A necklace, with two beaten metal, concave circles set facing each other with a pearl inside - kind of like an oyster shell. The pearl was hidden when worn, but represented the beauty that comes from something tough and hard getting into life/the oyster.

    Then, each of the metal circles was to have a word set on it; and in our discussions we decided that the words for you would have to be 'Joy' and 'Grace.' Strange words for someone going through cancer treatment, but somehow most apt for you.

    And then my semi-conscious brain pointed out that the two people in my dream were the same person, so I couldn't go commission the necklace for you. D'oh!

    But I still think it would be a cool piece of jewellery.

  4. Oh Ellie. Awesome. That vlogging shit IS hard! Being in front of the camera is sooo tough. Which is why I prefer to stay BEHIND it. :-) Unless I'm rapping for you sister. :-)
    Yep with what everyone else is saying. Strength, joy, GRACE. It's all you. Emanating from you.
    Way to fight.
    Can't wait to see you sometime this year!!

  5. Wishing you strength to carry you through the remainder of your treatment. You are such an inspiration to me and to many. Sending you love and best wishes, Ellie!

  6. So glad you were up to posting an update - thinking of you for the next two days - best of luck. You are doing so well!

  7. Ellie,
    Thank you for posting and letting us know how you are. Sending lots of Mommy hugs to you and your sweet family. Only 2 more left !!!!!

  8. Ellie,
    You have an abundance of amazing strength which is evident in your Vlog. Here you are comforting us, your friends, when you should be being comforted. True grace! Keep us all posted on your incredible journey!
    Robyn Pasqualucci

  9. You are so very sweet :) How kind of you to go out of your way to thank your friends and readers. Your throat looks very sore, ouch. Happy to hear only 2 more treatments left and then time to bring on the HEALING! Sending tons of healing vibes your way. Hugs to you and yours, Amy (a stranger from BC Canada who is rooting for your swift recovery..)

  10. Oh Ellie, I love it! So wonderful to see your beautiful face so bright and early this morning. Although I know you're in pain, the sound of your voice is the sweetest thing I've heard in forever and the sight of your beautiful face is brightening up my morning. TWO more treatments! WOW! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. You are AMAZING, young lady. Sending so many love and prayers to you this morning, my friend. So grateful you will be able to rest a little easier soon. My prayers are going strong for you, beautiful girl! Love, Lisa xoxo

  11. Oh Ellie - so nice to see your face. Two more treatments! Yay! Hang in there, okay? Lots of love.

  12. So amazing to think that while you are in the middle of all this, you are still thinking of other people. Thank you for the update. Continue to take care of yourself, and have no fear ... we'll all still be right here when you feel like "normal" posting. Sending prayers up for you.
    Lee Ann

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  14. You might think you don't look great, but actually, you look really beautiful. You are exuding all your goodness all over the screen.

    I love you.

  15. Oh Ellie -

    You are a GORGEOUS woman! Strong and Courageous! I keep you in my prayers. You have been in my heart for years and continue to be! Hugs to you and your family!


  16. Good to see you, Ellie, and to hear your message today! You're over the hump! Congrats for making it this far with this much fortitude and grace!

    You remain in my prayers for complete healing. Carry on!

  17. Ellie - I will be thinking of you today and tomorrow as you soldier through your last two treatments. I wish you healing and peace - you are very brave and we are all thinking about you!!!!

  18. Tuesday cannot come soon enough. Feeling better in March cannot come soon enough. Hugging you cannot come soon enough.

  19. Ellie!! You are about to cross THE finish line! So very sweet for you to think of all of us. I think the Kung Fu Vlog was perfect. Tuesday can't come soon enough!

  20. You are gracious and courageous! Keep that "warriors sense of peace" going another few weeks. The war is about over and they are ready to declare a "cease fire" with that awful machine. Whew! Enough, really, ...enough of that... let the healing begin! You are an inspiration!

  21. Ellie you are a warrior, just 2 treatments left!!!!
    Thank you soooo much for taping a message, my admiration for you grows continuously, may your pain be light tonight my friend.

  22. Ellie, you are such a wonderful inspiration to me!
    Praying you stay strong and be filled with peace and love. You friend are a mighty warrior that has strength and courage to show and share your battle scars! I so appreciate you! Love & Hugs

  23. Sending you lots of hugs from the west coast.

  24. Ellie....hang in there....only two treatments to go. Thank you so much for vlogging. You may not think this but you really do look beautiful. Hugs, love and healing prayers.

  25. Oh Ellie, we love you! You are always in my thoughts. I can't wait until you are feeling better! You are so awesome!


  26. Ellie .... I wish only the best for you. I check your blog to make sure you are still OK. I'm praying for healing for you.

  27. Ellie... Thank you for keeping us posted, it means a lot to many of us. Hang in there, not too much more to go... Sending you healing thoughts.

  28. Much love to you on this Valentines Day. NO MORE TREATMENTS!
    Your smile at the end of that vlog? Beautiful!
    Continued thoughts and prayers...Feel better soon.
    xox shanon

  29. So happy to learn your treatments are behind you and although the next two weeks will continue to be rough it means you are HEALING and putting this all behind you.

    You are such a sweetie :) Sending MUCHO healing vibes out from BC Canada to you. You are such a strong and wonderful woman with many cheering you on and for you, looking forward to brighter days.

  30. I'm happy for you tht your treatments are over. Give thanks to the Lord.

  31. You are so very sweet :) How kind of you to go out of your way to thank your friends and readers. Your throat looks very sore, ouch. Happy to hear only 2 more treatments left and then time to bring on the HEALING! Sending tons of healing vibes your way. Hugs to you and yours, Amy (a stranger from BC Canada who is rooting for your swift recovery..)