Thursday, April 11, 2013

This IS a post about recovery. Of mind, body and spirit. Why I'm so happy.

I'm trying - really I am - to not deluge you with what has been happening to my body - inside and out - since joining Arbonne.  So if you are a closed person who only wants to hear about alcoholism, kids and cancer, skip this post.

On second thought - if you come here to read about alcoholism, kids and cancer ...READ ON. 

I started, officially, as an Arbonne consultant about three weeks ago, and as I posted before my life changed within the first week. I'd been using their skin care products and raving about them and my friend convinced me to sign up for real. 

I am having a BALL.  So, yeah, I'm gonna post about it, because so much is moving so fast for me I don't really have anything else to say anyway.

My skin was ravaged by cancer, and last year Arbonne's RE9 line fixed it in a WEEK.  

Since having cancer I know all about the toxins in the personal care products we put on our body - the number is STAGGERING.  Here's a few things you may not know:

NIOSH (National Safety Institute of Occupational Safety & Health) conducted a study of 2,893 chemicals used in personal care products. Did you know chemicals applied to your skin are in every organ in your body in 26 seconds? The results of this study are terrifying: 778 of these studied chemicals caused acute toxicity. 218 caused reproductive complications. 148 caused TUMORS

What do you put on your face/body/hair every day? Since having cancer I don't mess around anymore, and I certainly don't mess around with what my kids use, either. Deodorant, toothpaste and shampoo are some of the worst offenders. This is not a sales pitch - this is a message that can save your health and the health of your kids. Seriously.

So yeah, if you come here to read about cancer, that's pretty relevant.

Now we come to the inside of my body. I hadn't tried any of Arbonne's fitness products. I did know they reduced the acidity in your system, and acidity is a KNOWN link to cancer, diabetes and MANY other chronic diseases. Even before signing up for Arbonne, my oncologist told me an Alkaline (the opposite of acidity) diet gives me the best chances of staying in remission. Or if you've never had cancer or other chronic illness- of not getting it at all.

The fitness essentials program is gluten, dairy, soy, processed sugar free (all toxins) and the cornerstone to the 30 day fit program is a VEGAN protein shake (NOT SOY or WHEY) that builds muscle mass, eliminates toxins (toxins are anything your body can't convert to energy), gives you energy and balances your blood sugar and metabolism. It's not a fad diet - those DO NOT work.   By eliminating so many of the toxins we eat without even thinking, and giving you a simple program to make your body as healthy as possible, what is there to lose?  OH YEAH. WEIGHT.

Check out where I am only 18 days into the 30 day fit program: 

I have said I'm not a salesperson, and I'm not. I'm a storyteller.  This is my story, what's going on with me right now.  

If you come here to read about kids, motherhood, etc. - this is for you, too.  The stuff we put on our kids' bodies is shocking and we don't even know we're doing it. We're not bad people - we're just uninformed. Shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant and sunscreens are some of the worst, and Arbonne has products safe for your children to use, too.

I haven't even started on how much fun I've having as a consultant, improving peoples' health, mental well being - helping them feel back in control of their body inside and out.  So if you come here to read about alcoholism and recovery?  THIS is about self-love, clearing up your body after years of toxins and not loving it or yourself very much.  I know - I've been there.   Being in recovery is an inside job, both mentally and physically, and stopping harming my body.  I don't put crap IN or ON my body any more.  

And I'm saving money by not buying the latest rage of a diet fad, or diet pill (STAY AWAY FROM THOSE) or every-other skin cream so I can look like the Clinique model.   I want to look and feel like the best me.

Best yet - being a consultant is the best thing I've ever done. I've done a lot of cool things. But this beats it all hands-down.

So, yeah. There you have it.  I have some tough stuff going on now, too, that I'm not ready to blog about.  But I'm giving my mind and body the best shot possible to deal with adversity because I feel FREAKING GREAT. 

If you want to learn more - and I say this as a story teller not a sales person - send me an email to   People email me all the time about drinking or cancer after reading something that is working for me.  This is no different.   If you unsubscribe because this feels all salesy and weird to you - well, I'll miss you.  



  1. Wow! You look phenomenal...even after just a couple weeks!! So glad these products are working for you. :)

  2. Wonderful to hear you sounding so happy, Ellie. Congratulations!

  3. Ooh, loads to say after I read this post, but hard to type on a mobile phone - where I normally read...

    1) I'm really excited for you, to have found something that you can get really excited about. And yes, I love to read about that excitement.

    2) Wow, those results! Yes, I am interested. I want to know a bit more. How has the diet of your family changed? What do you consider to be a 'healthy diet' now you have learned more? I tried going carb-free last Summer and in 3 weeks there were some very clear changes in my body such that I suddenly REALLY realised just what an impact our diet has on our body - and in such short time frames. And I also realised that the standard 'this is what a healthy diet has to look like' message that has been pumped my way forever is not necessarily true. But I don't know what IS. So I want to know more about what *you* have learned.

    3) Hmm. Interested in the products, too, maybe. Have just run out of face cream, so interesting timing. Am based in the UK, so our products may not contain as many Bad Things, but who knows? Can I buy through you, remotely?

    4) If you were not selling these products, you would be excited and telling us about them anyway, wouldn't you?! I get all excited about the free FLYlady approach to blessing our homes, and tell everyone about it. So I don't see it as a sales pitch. Just saying.

    5) Even if it *were* a sales pitch, well, this is a way you can continue to help other people through your other sites - for free. FLYlady sells products - it funds her free service. The products are great (I SWEAR by the purple rags and the rubba scrubba, by the way!) but you don't have to buy them.

    So, all round, from my perspective, feel free to share your excitement!

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  6. I am a consultant too. Your story touched me! Could you email me