Friday, September 20, 2013

I Asked Google The Big Life Questions, And This Is What I Found...

Sometimes I check how people find my blog, and it's always a combination of funny and poignant. A sampling from the last twenty-four hours:

"I am drinking and scared"

"Is it bad that I can't find where I hid my wine"

"I forget things when I drink"

"I need help with drinking"

"Motherhood is hard"

"Do I want to be a Mom"

"I drink alone"

and the most popular:

"Am I an alcoholic?"

This got me thinking, and so I did some google searches of my own, to see what the top responses were to certain leading phrases.  I will let the results speak for themselves:

And one more.  The only one that had only one response.  Apparently, people are looking for ideas for this:

How we talk to people matters.

How we talk to ourselves matters.

Don't wait.

Live for today.

But I have no answers for this one:


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