Recovery Resources

There are many, many fantastic recovery resources, blogs and websites out there. Below are some of my favorites. I can vouch that these are all amazing, because - lucky me - I know almost everyone on this list, have met them or talked to the people behind almost every single one of these amazing resources. Many of them are a huge part of my own recovery toolbox:


The Bubble Hour podcast

AfterParty Pod

Sober Nation

The Recovery Revolution - podcasts

Sober Senorita's List of Awesome Recovery Podcasts


Shining Strong, Inc.

Crying Out Now

After Party Magazine

The Recovery Revolution

Your Recovered Life

Sober Nation

Drinking Diaries

12YSR (12 step yoga)

Real You Revolution



She Recovers

Momsie Blog

Mrs. D is Going Without

Stefanie Wilder-Taylor


Many Faces 1 Voice

I Am Not Anonymous

Unite To Face Addiction


Lipstick & Liquor

My Name Was Bette

There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane

The Anonymous People

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