The Book

I have always had a dream to publish a compilation/best of book of my posts for the past almost five years.

And now I have. :)

By The Best of One C...

My friend Heather introduced me to, where you can produce a book (all different kinds) independently.

What finally made me decide to do the book (called Let Met Get This Straight) was I realized I had come to the end of my own abilities to maintain and promote Crying Out Now (and my latest venture, The Bubble Hour).  Crying Out Now is a website where women come tell their stories of addiction and recovery, and receive advice, encouragement, support and community.  It reaches thousands of women all over the world, and I know it is the first stepping-stone for many women to admit (usually anonymously or with a pseudonym) they are worried about their drinking.   The Bubble Hour is a new internet talk show (also available as a podcast) Co-Hosted by me and Lisa N., where real people tell real stories of alcoholism and recovery, and share tips, advice and practical ways to stay sober in those tough early days/weeks/month (or any difficult time, really).  We have interviews, conversations, and eventually even live "call-in" shows.  I'm really excited about it, and it's taking off REALLY fast (over 1500 downloads in the first week and a half) and we're getting lots of feedback that it is helping people. They are listening while they cook dinner, any time they are triggered, as they drive in their car; it's another tool to help stay sober, and I couldn't be happier that it is helping.

But it is also costly to produce.

These heart-projects are so meaningful to me, and I want to be able to continue to maintain and even grow them, but for that I need additional income, and the book's proceeds will go towards helping with the costs first of maintaining the sites, but then hopefully growing them as well.

It is available in color softcover (more pricey, but I guess that is what it costs to produce a book independently), or as an eBook (for all MAC products) or a downloadable pdf (for PCs).  The profit margins on all three are slim to me, but I'm hoping little by little they will add up to be a meaningful source of income for these two sites that are helping so many.

If you'd like to buy the book, eBook or pdf, you can click below and even get a preview of the first 15 pages:


  1. So happy for you, Ellie! Just bought the ebook and can't wait to start reading. Nice work. ;)

  2. Read it, loved it!